Ssharad-Vijayendra dropped Kratika-Meera on Golden Patel Awards stage

Popular GEC Colors, recently celebrated its Golden Petal Awards where the entire Colors family came together to had a gala time appreciating talents across shows.
Along with the award presentation and performances, the popular characters from various shows also accomplished some fun tasks that were given to them.
The favourite jodis were given a task to lift their on-screen partners on stage, and race with other couple. Everybody managed to lift their partners and run but Sooraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) had a tough time, and they lost their balance on stage.
Eventually, Chakor (Meera Deosthale) and Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) had a great fall on stage.
Thankfully none of them were injured in the act and Sooraj-Chakor and Rishi-Tanuja had a good laugh at it.
We are sure it must be a treat for the viewers to watch.

Neha Kakkar’s siblings surprise her on TV show

Singer Neha Kakkar, who is currently seen as a mentor on “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 6”, was in for a surprise when her siblings — singers Sonu and Tony Kakkar — came on the popular singing reality show.
As it was a special episode dedicated to Neha and her journey in the music industry, Sonu and Tony came on the show to relive their childhood memories.
The three siblings performed some of their hit songs like “Mile ho tum humko” and “Sawan aaya hai”.
“We are in love with ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs’ and watch it every weekend. We are impressed with the kind of talent the season has unearthed,” Sonu said in a statement.
“Each kid has the ability to touch our hearts with their unique voices. And having our sister sitting on the mentors’ panel makes the show even more special for us. We are truly proud of Neha and her achievements,” she added.
Besides Neha, the Zee TV show also features singer Javed Ali and Bollywood composer-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya as mentors.

OMG!! Rannvijay and Prince get into a verbal spat

The politics and fight for immunity are often known to turn friends into foes on Roadies. However, an instance like this hasn’t really taken place between the gang leaders, but, in the upcoming episode of MTV Roadies Rising viewers will be privy to a heated verbal argument between two of the gang leaders, Rannvijay Singha and Prince Narula.
Rannvijay, who once was Prince’s mentor, now shares the same space with him and is a fellow gang leader. Rannvijay and Prince’s gang will be competing against each other along with other gangs in the upcoming episode. As the Roadies kick- started their journey, googly master, Harbhajan made his way to meet the contestants and brought about a twist along with him. He asked the googlies in each gang to compete against each other wherein they had to use the catapult to throw a ball on the fellow contestants and imbalance them as they stood on a narrow shaft of wood. During the task, a contestant from Prince’s gang, Varun was hit by a ball and in order to save himself from falling, he pushed Samar from Rannvijay’s gang into water. Seeing this, Rannvijay got extremely upset and asked Gaelyn to disqualify Prince’s gang. Listening to Rannvijay, Prince started arguing with him stating that it wasn’t Varun’s fault.
Commenting on the situation and addressing Prince’s gang member, Varun, Rannvijay said, “Prince and I had an argument because of you. Listen to the rules and regulations carefully. Some damage has already been done, we fought and we are feeling bad about it. keep it clean.”

Shaurya to giveaway his property to Mehek

Zee TV’s Zindagi Ki Mehek (Parin Multimedia) is climbing the ladder of success and popularity with each passing episode.
The makers truly know how to keep their viewers glued to the show with interesting plots.
Recently, the leads of the show Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) and Shaurya (Karan Vohra), raised the temperature with their hot romantic sequence.
As we know, apart from Kanta Chachi, the entire Sharma family is now convinced with Sharuya and Mehek’s relationship, and both the families have started with the wedding preparations.
Since, Kanta Chachi is still against their love Sharuya will try to speak to her. In a shocking development, Kanta will ask Shaurya to prove his love by giving away his entire property and bank balance to Mehek.
And guess what?
The true lover Shaurya will transfer his belongings to Mehek to win Kanta Chachi’s heart. This sudden move of Shaurya will shock Mehek and her family.
Will Kanta Chachi now accept their love?

Need someone to share sorrows and joys: Priya on marriage with Kawaljeet

Marriages are made in heaven, at least it has been for pretty Priya Bathija.
TV actress Priya, who rose to fame with Sony TV’s ‘Khwaish’, and has been part of shows like ‘Kasam Se’ and ‘Basera’, is all set to take the plunge with her beau DJ Kawaljeet Saluja, on 22 May this year.
Talking about the same, in a tête-à-tête with, Priya shared about her wedding plans…
When asked what got the two of them together, she said, “I was out for dinner once, and I bumped into a friend and Kawaljeet happened to be there. He fell in love with me instantly. We spoke to each other for a month and soon our families got involved.”
Talking about how she decided that he was the one, she replied, “I knew he wanted to settle down in life, his priorities are very clear. We both are family oriented people and I have always wanted someone like him in my life.”
When quizzed how she took the big decision, Priya shared, “It was time. Today, you have work; maybe tomorrow you won’t, but in the end, one has to settle down. You need to have someone to share your happiness and sorrow with.”
On similarities and differences, Priya said that they both are big time foodies and while she is not into gadgets, Kawaljeet is a total techie. “I wish he’d not stay on the laptop for so long,” laughed Priya.
Priya’s bridal attire is going to be designed by Disha Shah Patil who has her own label Disha Patil Pret Couture. “Disha has designed something very unique and it’s very beautiful and one of a kind. Shruti Bhatt is doing my hair and makeup, she is really talented and last but not the least Knotting Bells are doing the photography. Most probably, we are going to Bali for our honeymoon. Everything is planned perfectly,” she chirped.
When asked about her future plans for her career, she said, “I am taking a break for a few months, post that if I get something worth coming to Mumbai, then I surely will.”
The actress further revealed her moment of realization, “When we booked our tickets for Raipur and everyone had a return ticket, except me, that’s when it hit me that my life was going to soon change.”
The wedding ceremonies will commence on 21 May early morning with a pooja, which will be followed by mehendi in the afternoon, and engagement at 8 in the evening. Priya and Kawaljeet will be tying the knot on 22 May in a Gurudwara in Raipur (Kawaljeet’s hometown).
We all wish Priya and Kawaljeet heartiest congratulations and all the very best for their new journey together!

MTV Big F Season 2 gives voice to sexual molestation victims

Sexual molestation is defined as the undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another wherein the offender is referred to as a sexual molester. It is unnerving that victims still come into social contact with their molesters who often get off scot- free. MTV Big F Season 2 uncovers the painful story of a young and free- spirited 18 year old girl, Diya, whose life takes a turn when she visits her uncle for a vacation and is sexually molested by him.
Diya, played by Ahsaas Channa, is an orphaned child who is optimistic and full of life until she visits her relatives for her summer break. Diya, like any other teenager has a crush on her hot literature professor, played by Shubhashish Jha, however, her life takes her by surprise when she visits her uncle for her summer break. Will Diya be able to gather the courage to revolt against her uncle? Or will age old prejudices suppress her from revealing the truth?
Through Diya’s story MTV Big F wants to convey the message that we need to empower the abused and turn the perpetrators into repositories of shame, even if they are family members.

The shoot schedules of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ are getting CANCELLED and DROPPED!

Is this just the beginning?

Ever since the fallout between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has received a lot of backlash, and now, there’s more that has been happening, mostly, bad.

On Sunday, the show completed 100 episodes and well, it was time for some celebration. However, looks like the celebratory mood is now far gone as shoot schedules are becoming highly chaotic. And therefore, miscommunication have followed leading to cancellations and end moment changes.

The latest that we hear is that Sunidhi Chauhan confirmed her dates for the shoot, however, later, she was asked if she could shoot post-midnight since the permanent guest of the show, Navjot Singh Sidhu could not fly down to Mumbai. After changing the dates two to three times, she finally refused to shoot.

Okay, that’s quite a turn-off, isn’t it? But, it doesn’t end here.

Actress and director-producer, Neena Gupta and, her daughter and fashion designer, Masaba Gupta were supposed to shoot with Kapil, but what transpired was quite shocking.

According to an entertainment portal, an SOS was sent to the duo last night. And, Masaba received a call at the wee hours of 3:00 am (Yep, 3 at night!) requesting her to attend the show with her mother the next day. However, both Neena and Masaba stated their unavailability for the same.

Now, the only question remains is that will the said celebrities shoot for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’?

This is quite a shocker, isn’t it? The same show which was once a TRP topper is now at a downfall. What do you have to say about the entire fiasco? Leave your comments below.

‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’ actress, Nikita Dutta INJURED!

Here’s how.

People keep hurting themselves time and again, especially while working out or undertaking some activities involving intense physical training and exercises.

And recently, the ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’ actress, Nikita Dutta hurt herself in a similar manner.

While scrolling through the newsfeed, we came across her post and here’s what she had tweeted:

We contacted the actress about the same and she said, “I have been gyming and doing yoga for a while now and it did not seem to be of help. I had gained a little bit of holiday weight as well, so my coach suggested me to start off with kickboxing.

It was my first day at the classes and I had just learned the kicks. While I was kicking the bag in full force, I accidentally hit my coach’s elbow. It did not hurt me in the beginning and so I continued at that time, but it swelled up later and I had to go see the doctor. Luckily, it wasn’t anything major and the doctor said I’ll be fine in 3-4 days.”

We wish Nikita a speedy recovery and good luck for the upcoming sessions of kick-boxing.