Shocking confession: Shrenu Parikh opens up on being molested as a child

MUMBAI: Television actress Shrenu Parikh has made a shocking confession, leaving everyone zapped.

Recently, businessvoip reported about Ishqbaaaz revolving a track where in a shocking development, Gauri (Shrenu) will be seen getting molested by a superstar in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’Ishqbaaaz.

After shooting this heart-wrenching sequence, Shrenu has gone on to confess a sad chapter of her life from her childhood days which the actress still cannot erase off. She has shared a dreadful incident of being molested by a man in a bus when she was a six-year-old.

Shrenu narrated the entire incident on her Instagram profile. She mentioned in a post, “As a kid I used to spend my vacations at my grandparents’ town! Those days we travelled in a local bus! And when the seats used to be occupied my grandfather used to request someone to share the seat for me! Similarly one uncle offered to nanu that ‘il make her sit on my lap’ He willingly agreed thought atleast I won’t get tired, he made me sit on his lap!

Me as a child couldn’t know what’s gonna happen to me I dozed off, only woke up to the feeling of being inappropriately being touched by that uncle! I could sense somethings wrong but I went all numb and thought it’s ok for him to hold me like that! I could see my naanu standing a little away from me but couldn’t tell him anything not then not later!

I wish I would have spoken about it, I wish that man would’ve gotten his share of punishment for molesting a 6 year old!

Not once but so many such incidents have happened, I’ve known from my friends but we never talk about it! Never raise our voices cz we r scared of how the society will eventually not believe us and we don’t stand for ourselves!

What’s happening with Gauri is something I’m sure we all have faced on some or the other level in our lives!

And that’s why m so glad we did this track so that women can come out and speak. If we don’t own our truth nobody else will. This is just a small attempt to create a space for all of us to share our stories and raise our voices! (sic)”.

Shrenu, it requires a lot of courage to come up in open and make such a shocking confession in public. We hope that people read this and realize that there should be a strict law against child abuse and it is high time that the mentality towards girls and women should change.

Kudos to the producer Gul Khan for bringing such an eye-opening track in the show to spread more awareness.

Tiger Shroff will find his competition in Dance Deewane contestants, says Salman Khan

MUMBAI: Dance Deewane, COLORS’ upcoming dance reality show, premieres on 2nd June. The show is powered with a unique format which offers 3 generations of the country to participate in the show and prove their potential to become the ultimate Dance Deewana. The show features

dance goddess Madhuri Dixit, director Shashank Khaitan and Choreographer Tushar Kalia as the judges.

The first episode of the show will witness the Race 3 cast as the special guests who came to promote their upcoming movie. Actors like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez,

Bobby Deol, Saqib Saleem, and Daisy Shah came on the sets and were greatly pleased with the contestants.

According to the sources on the sets, “The Race 3 cast had a gala time seeing contestants from different age groups take on the stage and show their passion for dance. Salman Khan even said that Tiger Shroff, who’s dancing skills are known to be unparalleled in the industry, will find strong competition in the Dance Deewane contestants.”

Breaking through the clutter of existing dance shows, this unique format offers those, who are extremely passionate about dance a platform to showcase their talent. Ranging across 3 age groups, that is children, youth, and adults – all the participants will be competing in their own categories. The three finalists, one from each category, will compete for the title of being India’s ultimate Dance Deewana.

Rano to bury Jia alive in Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa

MUMBAI: Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa has a very interesting drama coming up for its viewers. The current episodes have made the viewers curious about the whereabouts of Arjun (Sudeep Sahir) and Aakash’s (Kinshuk Vaidya) father. An evil Rano (Sara Khan) has kidnapped him and kept him hostage.

The last episode of the Woh Apna Sa showcased Arjun fixing a tracker in Rano’s ring to find out where she has kept his father hostage. However, in the process of tracking his father, Jia (Disha Parmar) will get kidnapped.

Yes! After all, that’s the magic of Rano – the ultimate vamp on the show!

Rano will not only kidnap Jia but will immure her in a wall of a construction site. Arjun, Aaskah, Ambika (Alka Kaushal) and the other family members will then start searching for her and will finally break the wall where she has been enclosed.

The intense drama will grip the audience when Jia will be found in an unconscious state. On finding her breathless, Arjun will initially assume that Jia is dead. After a high voltage of drama, Jia will finally gain consciousness, much to the relief of the family members and of course the loyal viewers of the show.

What will happen next? Will Arjun and Aakash be able to track their father down and save him from the clutches of Rano?

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7 characters who make Mere Sai a delight

MUMBAI: Sony Entertainment Television’s show ‘Mere Sai’ with its simple and engaging narrative of one of the most revered saints has impressed audiences all over. Emotional tales of Sai Baba helping his devotees and villagers of Shirdi in their difficult times with his universal accepted teachings of ‘Shraddha and Saburi’ (faith and patience) have captured attention of viewers across age groups. The beautiful rendition of heart touching stories involved multiple characters from Shirdi, we hereby list 7 of the most interesting and important personalities –

Shree Sai Baba

Immortal stories of Sai Baba’s grace and kindness have been narrated worldwide and passed on for generations. He was always known to lead a simple life and go around Shirdi asking for alms and his devotees would visit Dwarkamai to seek his blessings and guidance. Abeer Soofi who essays the role of Sai, with his clear Hindi and Sanskrit diction has enamored audiences. His soulful portrayal of the saint has struck a chord with the followers of Sai all over.

Baija Maa

Baija has played a very important role in Sai’s life and had secured a place that could never be replaced by anyone else. She was a mother to the young fakir when he entered Sai as a teenager and lovingly looked after him. She would admonish people who troubled him and was always concerned with his well-being. Toral Rasputra has played the part of Baija beautifully, reflecting myriad emotions of love, concern, affection and anger as well. Wearing a traditional nine-yard saree, Toral has effortlessly enacted the role of Baija on Indian Television.

Kulkarni Sarkar

Kulkarni Sarkar is one of the most interesting persona in the tale of Sai. An individual who dislikes Sai as people respect the fakir more and hence consult him for all their problems. Kulkarni commands respect and is feared by everyone in the village. Veteran actor Vaibhav Mangle enacts the villain’s part and constantly plots to trick and show Sai in a bad light along with different allies. Needless to say, he always fails in his motives and glory of Sai increases manifold.


Mhalsapati is one of the most crucial personality in the saint’s story. The individual who accosted him by the name ‘Sai’ for the very first time. Chirag Dave plays the role of Mhalsapati and is one of the foremost devotees of Sai. He is known to be the first one to worship Baba when he arrived Shirdi. Chirag was very comfortable playing the role of Mhalsapati as he has already done few of the Bollywood movies.

Appa Kote Patil

Appa Kote Patil essayed by Hemat Thatte was a land owner, and had a humongous revenue collection in Shirdi. Other than Mhalsapati and Baija, Appa was the third one who was very close to Sai Baba. Sai used to take Bhiksha from Appa’s house regularly. Sai was always seen along with few of his devotees when he visited different houses in Shirdi and Appa would be seen with him on a regular basis.


A special bond is shared between Sai Baba and his little bhakt, Jhipri. She would follow him everywhere and seeks his advice on everything she did. Sai Baba loved children and Jhipri was one of his favorites, one of the most memorable incidents is when Sai Baba lit multiple lamps using water in Dwarkamai on the eve of Diwali to make her smile. Even off-screen Abeer Soofi and Jhipri played by Dhruti Mangeshkar, share the same bond.


Ratnakar a wealthy Indian who had made a huge fortune overseas had returned to Shirdi and had ulterior motives in his heart. He detested Sai and used different methods to make Sai leave Shirdi. He had also joined hands with Kulkarni to fulfil his evil plans. However, Sai remains undeterred and continues his path of loving everyone around him and showering his blessings. Tarun Khanna who essays the role of Ratnakar is a friend of Abeer in real life and have a lot of pleasant memories together.

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Anika’s pregnancy news leads to retro party in Ishqbaaaz

MUMBAI: Ishqbaaaz is soon going to see a retro party in the Oberoi mansion. Yesterday, businessvoip reported about Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) idea of aborting her child due to Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) dismay.

As per the upcoming track, when Shivaay gets to know about the pregnancy he becomes happy. The whole Oberoi family will get overwhelmed with the good news.

There will be a party thrown at the Oberoi mansion. The theme of the party would be retro. All the members of the family would be dressed in retro style. The party will finally give a light-hearted feel to the viewers after a long time.

However, how long will happiness last in the Oberoi house is something to be guessed. Since Anika is pregnant, we are pretty sure that there would be something interesting happening in the upcoming episodes.

Are you excited for the track? Do you think Anika’s pregnancy will bring more drama on the show?

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Ishqbaaaz: Will Anika abort her child because of Shivaay?

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ popular daily Ishqbaaaz has added another feather in its cap by being one of the most watched television shows on the online platform. Now in the upcoming episodes, a major drama is set to take place.

In the forthcoming episodes of the daily, Anika (Surbhi Chandna) might abort her child. Shocking, isn’t it? The viewers are aware that Anika was pregnant with Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) child. However, in the recent episodes, Shivaay confessed that he is not ready for taking the responsibilities of fatherhood yet.

This leaves Anika shocked and in dismay. Consequently, she thinks that she should rather abort the child before breaking the news of her pregnancy in the Oberoi family.

What will happen next? Will Shivaay stop Anika from taking such a drastic step or will she abort their unborn child?

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Sahil Khattar on Paleo diet for his travel show

MUMBAI: TV actor and host Sahil Khattar, mostly known for his vox pops on YouTube channel ‘Being Indian’, has been following a strict Paleo diet to get in shape for his travel show The Expedition.

Sahil’s strict Paleo diet includes leafy green vegetables, nuts, fish and lean meats.

“Being a Punjabi, it’s hard to ditch the parathas brushed with desi ghee and of course, the chole bhature. But my show demands me to look more toned and fit,” said the actor.

The Expedition revolves around contestants who travel through small villages in India and share pictures, videos on an app. The contestant with the most amount of views will be winning.

Get ready to witness a ‘romantic’ Daksh in Zee TV’s Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey

MUMBAI: Vineet Kumar thanks his fans for all the love. He will now play a man who is madly in love…

Zee TV’s show Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey has kept the viewers engaged with its attention grabbing storyline and affable characters. The show recently witnessed the entry of Vineet Kumar as Dr. Daksh Shergill, who is providing an extra dose of entertainment.

Vineet, who has earlier done shows such as Jaana Na Dil Se Door (Star Plus), Chidiya Ghar and Lapataganj (Sab TV) among many others, showed gratitude to all the people who watch the show.

He also mentioned a ‘big thanks’ to all those who inspire him to do better and bring something different on-screen. He also gave a glimpse of what different the viewers can expect from his character and that he will now flaunt shades of romance.

Kudos, Vineet!

Sonal Vengurlekar talks about her short film

MUMBAI: TV actress Sonal Vengurlekar has started a new journey with her short film, We met at the wrong time on social media. Recently, she shared her short film and received good feedback for it. Interestingly, the lady herself has produced and written the project.

The story revolves around a girl who can’t move on from a broken relationship and how a conversation with an RJ changes her path. When asked if there was any particular incident that inspired the story, Sonal denied.

Sharing the real story behind the making of the project, the actress, who is currently seen in Star Bharat’s Saam Daam Dand Bhed, said, “Actually, I was on a holiday for 15 days when my track wasn’t there. I love writing so one day when I was sitting with my friend, we just discussed the idea. Since we had free time, we thought of shooting it as soon as we could.”

The team completed the shoot in just four hours and the edits along with the music were done by the next day. “So it all happened quickly and we got good results.”

So, why did the actress try dipping her feet in the digital water? Sonal said, “I normally keep watching a lot of short films. Nowadays there are really good content on web. It was my dream to do something like this. And now I’m planning to continue doing it.”

Interestingly, though the film was poignant, shooting it was quite fun. Sonal shared an interesting anecdote that happened during the shoot. “We were shooting without permission so a lot of people who were wandering on the road were staring at us. My character was sad and looking out of the window. A lady came and asked me what happened, ‘why are you crying?’ That was quite funny,” she concluded.

Sharad Kelkar joins Manoj Bajpayee in ‘The Family Man’

MUMBAI: businessvoip was the first to report that Amazon Prime’s upcoming series The Family Man will star South Superstar Priyamani. The digital show narrates the story of agents where film actor Manoj Bajpayee plays the lead role and Sharib Hashmi is part of the ensemble cast. The Chennai Express fame Priyamani, as per businessvoip reports, is the female lead.

Now a reliable source reveals that the makers have roped in yet another talented name in the multi-starrer project. Actor Sharad Kelkar, who predominantly works in Hindi films and serials, plays an important character in the digital project.

It seems the talented actor whose voice has dubbed many international movies is spreading his charm all over the space. After winning hearts with TV shows like Saat Phere – Saloni Ka Safar and such, the actor will outspread his magic on the new media.

The 41-year-old Kelkar was last seen in 2017’s big films, Bhoomi and Badshaaho. The Family Man will also be his first project on the digital platform. Albeit not much is known about his character, it is clear that he is a prominent part of the narrative.

The shooting has already gone on floors for the prestigious project. The 10-episode series is directed by Go Goa Gone fame Raj and DK.

When businessvoip got in touch with Kelkar, he refused to divulge any information and maintained a “no comment” stance.

Are you excited for Sharad’s upcoming project and the exciting series by Amazon Prime?