Promo of The Kapil Sharma Show released!

Kapil Sharma is grabbing the headlines these days, as he will be making his comeback on television and is getting married soon.

The channel released the promo of the upcoming show today. It marks an important moment for Kapil, as he went down an emotional spiral a few months ago. Kapil has come emerged stronger from that bitter experience.

Kapil’s story is a classic case of a small-town man trying his luck in Mumbai and being successful. However, the news of him becoming overconfident and arrogant, among various other issues, soon followed, which led to the downfall.

The comedian then took a much-needed sabbatical from work and social media and is now back to prove himself yet again to his fans. The promo very well highlights the whole idea behind all of Kapil’s shows: to bring the family together and entertain them with clean comedy.

The promo also stresses the fact that it is laughter that brings one and all together, irrespective of class, cast, and creed. Kapil seems to have made a conscious effort to clean his act and is determined to make a successful comeback to the television scene.

We simply cannot wait for the show to go on-air as soon as possible. Here’s wishing Kapil a smashing television comeback.

Patiala Babes’ Seek Blessings at a Gurudwara in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Sony Entertainment Television is all set to premiere its upcoming show ‘Patiala Babes’ from 27th November at 9pm. The actors, Paridhi Sharma and Ashnoor Kaur seek blessings at a Gurudwara in Mumbai. Paridhi Sharma who will be playing Babita Khurana and Ashnoor Kaur who will be playing Mini Khurana were delighted after seeking blessings at the peace and calm environment of Gurudwara.

Have a look at the pictures.

Kapil Dev to appear on THIS reality show

Former Indian skipper Kapil Dev will feature as a chief guest on Star Plus’ dance based reality show “Dance Plus 4”.

Confirming Dev’s appearance on the show, choreographer Remo D’Souza, a judge on the show, said in a statement: “The cricket icon has been sharing his feedback about the stunning talent on the show and I am super excited for him to come here and witness it live. It’s an honour to have him here and we are all very excited to shoot with him.”

Srishty Rode badmouths Dipika Kakar

MUMBAI: The relationships in the Bigg Boss house change on a daily basis. The hate that Srishty Rode seems to have for Dipika Kakar is quite evident, even though they hang out sometimes. Srishty now has Somi on her side. The two ladies were spotted badmouthing Dipika in an unseen video of Bigg Boss 12.

In the last episode, we saw how Megha Dhade crossed her limits and spat on Deepak. Not just that, she also threw her shoe at him. The atmosphere of the house was obviously quite tense. Now Dipika also had a fight with Megha but was normal post the fight and was seen having fun with Sreesanth.

Srishty couldn’t believe this and asked Somi and Romil how Dipika could be so normal after such a huge fight.

After Gujrat Bhavan, Mubu TV to launch ‘Return Of School Days’

MUMBAI: We recently reported about Mubu TV launching a comedy show titled Gujrat Bhavan.

Credible sources inform us that the channel is also in plans to launch another show which will be based on the nostalgia of school days. Titled Return of School Days, the show will be produced by Nootan Entertainment and will star faces such as Amit Das, Komal Kundar, Mayank Thakur, Apeksha Deshmukh and Manjari Mishra.

Return of School Days will go on-air on the same day as Gujrat Bhavan i.e. 26 November and will air from 9 to 9.30 pm, prior to Gujrat Bhavan.

Take a look at the exclusive poster of Return Of School Days above the article.

The show is directed by Manish Shrivastava and written by Prem Ingle and him. The Channel Creative Producer of the show is Prem Ingle.

Stay tuned to this space for more information.

Nakuul Mehta to play Shivaay’s son post leap in Ishqbaaaz

MUMBAI: With the number of speculations of a leap in Star Plus’ popular show Ishqbaaaz, fans have been going berserk waiting for an official confirmation. There is no confirmation on Surbhi Chandna’s exit from the show post the leap, but some media portals have confirmed that Nakuul Mehta will essay the role Shivaay’s son later.

Producer Gul Khan has confirmed the news, and while talking to a leading entertainment portal, she said that Nakuul would play Shivaansh Singh Oberoi after the leap.

Well, we are sure that Nakuul’s fans will be happy with the news, but Surbhi’s followers are still waiting for the confirmation on her from the channel and the production house. They have started the #hashtag #NoSurbhiNoIshqbaaz online, which started trending in no time.

We hope Surbhi continues to be a part of the show!

Guddan aka Kanika Mann showcases her pottery skills for the show

MUMBAI: Audiences have seen her as the bubbly and chirpy Guddan on the show but Kanika Mann is not just a fabulous actor but a talented artist. With the festival of lights being celebrated all across the country, the cast of Zee TV’s Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paega has been shooting for a major Diwali sequence filled with unexpected twists and turns.

In one of the scenes, Lakshmi (played by Rashmi Gupta) and Saraswati (played by Sehrish Ali) break all the diyas and put the blame on Guddan for ruining their Diwali. But Guddan decides to take the situation in her hands and starts making clay diyas by herself.

While Guddan will be seen struggling with crafting of the diyas on screen, Kanika thoroughly enjoyed it. She revealed that she has taken a few pottery classes in the past and finds the art very soothing to the soul. “It was just sometime back that I developed a penchant for pottery. As a hobby, I used to mould clay pots and small artefacts but could not continue due to long working hours. But my excitement knew no bounds when I was asked to do pottery for one of the sequences and got a chance to brush up on my pottery skills. I also got a helping hand from my co-star Shweta Mahadik who is also a fine artist.”

Well, that’s when we say Guddan se sab kuch ho paega!

Gaurav Chopra to play one of the characters essayed by Shah Rukh Khan

MUMBAI: Actor Gaurav Chopra, who is gearing up for the stage production of “Devdas” — a recreation of the eponymous classic novel — says he almost felt like he was starting from scratch as a performer as the process of acting in theatre is quite indulgent.

The story of “Devdas” has been adapted from the novel for the big screen time and again, and performed by icons like Guru Dutt, Dilip Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan. Filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Sudhir Mishra also made films like “Dev.D” and “Daasdev”.

Asked if he got influenced by the film adaptations of the original story and character, Gaurav told IANS here: “It is very easy to get influenced by those iconic actors like Guru Dutt, Dilip Saab, Shah Rukh and when you grow up watching their acting, you tend to somewhere bring that in your performance.

“But I would say that the beauty of the script and direction of Saif Hyder Hasan is that, my performance is not influenced by anybody. It feels like in ‘Devdas’ I started from scratch as an actor.”

He says the rehearsals for the show have been on for the last six months.

“Theatre is a very immersive and indulgent process. I went back to the boy Gaurav to search for the character within me… It is a pretty addictive process. The whole team put in our effort in a manner to make people believe that ‘Devdas’ is meant to be a stage production,” said the “Uttaran” fame actor.

“Devdas” is a musical stage drama produced by AGP World. National Award-winning art director Omung Kumar has designed the set for the play, whereas singers like Alka Yagnik, Antara Mitra, Shaan, Suresh Wadkar are lending their voices for the songs.

Manjari Fadnis will be narrating the character of Chandramukhi and the choreography will be done by Shampa Gopi Krishna and Bertwin Ravi D’souza.

While rehearsing the play has made the actors sharpen their performance, according to Gaurav, “It is very important to make sure that the play should not look mechanical due to long rehearsals. Every day we are practising scenes for hours and when leaving for home, we are thinking about the play only.”

” But we are trying to make sure that the freshness is there in every show that we will do every time,” he added.

The play will be premiered at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA here on Friday.

Having started his career in television in 2004, Gaurav has appeared in several television series and acted in Hollywood movie “Blood Diamond”. That apart, he was one of the contestants of reality television show “Bigg Boss” and acted in the web series “Fourplay” and “Love Lust & Confusion”.

Why doesn’t he try his luck in Bollywood?

“After working in the industry for some time, it becomes difficult to start all over again. Since I have worked in television, people tend to slot me. I have always been very choosy on my shows, roles and appearance.

“Since my work is appreciated by the audience, I believe that good work should lead me to get more quality work. Not that I cannot approach people to work with me, it is just that I want people to give me work based on merit,” said the 39-year-old actor.

Besides, he said he is not one of those actors who will jump into a project because it is a film and an opportunity to appear on the big screen.

“I do not discriminate between mediums,” he said.

Asked who is the filmmaker he wishes to collaborate with as an actor, Gaurav said: “Well, Sanjay Leela Bhansali would be a dream to work with. I like Dibakar Banerjee’s work and would love to work with Vishal Bhardwaj and Rajkumar Hirani.

“But all I know that when the right time and opportunity comes, I will get it. Until then, it is all in desire.”

Synopsis Day 58: Game of assassination in Bigg Boss’s style!

Everything comes with a price, be it friends or enemies, especially in the Bigg Boss house. After several warnings, the contestants continued to break the house rules and Rohit – Sreesanth were levied with punishments where they had to wash huge utensils. Megha being Sreesanth’s friend tried helping him, but the others asked her not to do so as it was a punishment and not a task. Megha refused to listen to anyone and Deepak mocked her saying she is doing this for attention so that she is further visible on screen. His comment triggered a huge argument between the two of them. Romil also took Deepak’s side and stood by him in the fight. Rohit and Sreesanth continued working towards completing the punishment given to them. However, Sreesanth was very upset with Karanvir and wanted to leave the house post his punishment.

Sreesanth was called in the confession room, where he couldn’t hold back his tears and had an emotional breakdown because of the punishment imposed on him. Bigg Boss’ kind words and motivation helped lift his spirit and he returned with a positive perspective.

Another morning and another challenge was awaiting the contestants. It was time for the luxury budget task called – Hitman. Romil and Sreesanth were chosen as the Hitmen of the house. There was a vault which had coins of different amounts. When the house lights went dim, the contestants had to pick a coin a go to their choice of hitman and give them the contract to exterminate one housemate. The hitman with the highest amount would exterminate the contestant and he/she will be out from the captaincy race. At the end of the task, the hitman with the highest amount will automatically be nominated for captaincy. Contestants had to plan it well, as the amount would be subtracted from the winning amount which now stands at INR 45 lacs after Romil buying the immunity ring for 5 lacs.

Will the contestants be able to save the winning amount or their thirst for revenge will take over? Who will pay the price of friendship?

Raj Singh is disappointed with his role in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

MUMBAI: Every actor puts in a lot of effort to essay their roles with elan. But what if the makers do not give the actors their due?

A similar case has happened with television actor Raj Singh, who essays the role of Mayank (Mauli’s brother) in the show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. The actor got in touch with businessvoip and expressed his disappointment with his character in the show.

Raj said that he is really unsatisfied playing the role of Mayank in the series. He feels that so far he has not been used properly in the story. He thinks that Mauli’s family should have been an important part in the story because she has gone through so much pain and sorrows. He also feels that the family should have been there to support her.

He further stated that Mauli is very close to Mayank but Mayank and his family has not been utilized at this crucial stage of Mauli’s life. He wishes that post the leap, the story focuses on his character.