What is cooking between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover?

MUMBAI: Kapil Sharma is known as the king of comedy on television and has been entertaining the audiences for years now. He was the winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and was later seen in Comedy Circus. He then launched his own show Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colors’, which became a huge success, making him a household name.

Kapil also launched another show called The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony TV, which was also successful. However, after a fight and a public spat, one of the main members of the crew, ace comedian Sunil Grover, quit owing to a showdown with Kapil.

The comedian took a break and even returned with a new show called Family Time With Kapil Sharma. However, after a few episodes, he stopped showing up on the sets because of his ill health.

Diehard fans of Kapil want the two to come back on a show together. Well, he will be back with The Kapil Sharma Show during Diwali this year. However, recently, during the promotions of his Punjabi film, when Kapil was asked about Sunil, he said to a leading publication that he and Sunil are connected through brotherhood with zero controversies. He said that just a few days ago, they were together and talking about their upcoming projects. According to him, all the controversies were fake and they may be back with a comedy show.

Well, if this is indeed the case, we can’t wait!

Charvi Saraf joins ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’

MUMBAI: “Naagin 3” actress Charvi Saraf will play actress Erica Fernandes’ sister in the “Kasautii Zindagii Kay” show.

She will be seen recreating the role, which was played by actress Kishwer Merchant in the original series.

“I feel thrilled to be a part of this iconic love story. I grew up watching this, so it’s nostalgic. I’m playing Shivani, who is Prerna’s (Erica) sister. She is a bubbly dreamy girl, aspiring to become an actress,” Charvi said in a statement.

Actor Parth Samthaan essays the role of Anurag in the new version of the romantic show.

Charvi had earlier featured in TV shows like “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste” and “Woh Apna Sa”.

Cross questioning victim is unfair: Sayantani Ghosh on #MeToo

As Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment allegations against Nana Patekar have sparked a debate in the Hindi entertainment industry, television actress Sayantani Ghosh has urged fraternity members not to question the victim’s intentions.

In an interview to IANS here, the “Naamkarann” actress said: “It takes immense courage for a person to come out in public and speak of something which has been bothering him/her for so long.

“Instead of cross-questioning someone and asking that person why she/he was silent till now, one should understand the situation and support them. Counter-questioning is unfair.”

At the same time, Sayantani feels it is important to know both sides of the story as a person may not get the whole picture of what had actually happened.

“Whatever a woman will say is not always true. A man should also get a chance to prove himself. Once facts are evaluated and the truth is out, then only one should judge someone.”

She says the television industry has a sound and safe culture.

“It has been a decade since I am a part of TV industry. I have not faced any kind of sad situation. Also, I don’t think any major issue has happened in the in TV industry, like Tanushree’s case. But if it is there, people should come out and speak about it.”

The former “Bigg Boss” participant said the only solution to evading sexual harassment incidents is a change in people’s mentality.

“On one hand, we are talking about women empowerment and on the other hand, we are harrasing them. What is this? No matter how many rules and protocols are being made for safe work culture everywhere, until there is no change in mentality, nothing will work out.

“Families should educate their son or daughter about moral values and there should be more awareness in society. Strong mindset is very important,” she added.

Sayantani also feels women must be brave enough to face each obstacle in their life.

“Women should not be afraid of anything. They should freely express what they want to say. They should not get pressurised by the society.”

The actress was in the capital to promote her upcoming mythological TV drama “Karn Sangini”, to be aired on StarPlus.

Surbhi Rana calls Anup Jalota ‘double faced’ in Bigg Boss 12

Colors’ Bigg Boss 12 (Endemol) is becoming an interesting watch with each passing day. Wild card entrant Surbhi Rana is playing the game rather strategically.

In tonight’s episode, contestants are seen enjoying a singing session, but Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur are sitting aside discussing other participants.

Later, Surbhi tells Deepak that according to her, Anup Jalota is a double-faced person. She says that he is playing the game well and getting his work done using his sweet talks. He never takes a stand and easily escapes from issues.

Do you agree with Surbhi? Post your views in the comments section below!

Synopsis Day 18: A luxury budget task that brought out the worst within the housemates

MUMBAI: The strength, vigor and intensity with which the contestants are fighting to win this luxury budget, is inspiring. Continuing the ‘Jwalamukhi’ task the contestants are working and fighting hard to ensure they collect the maximum balls from the volcanic eruption. After Sree Santh, Dipika, Srishty and Jasleen getting eliminated from the task, the fight continued between Karanvir, Nehha, Sorabh, Deepak, Saba and Romil. The singles and the jodis battled their way through in full force. As the jodis and singles took on each other with agitation, it got difficult to decide who will seal their position for the captaincy of the week.

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Other than the task, the rest of the house was hostile towards each other on many occasions. Deepak misbehaved with Jasleen because unintentionally she touched him with a broom. A major brawl took flight between Surbhi Rana and the Khan sisters. Anup Jalota, is still not over the fact that Jasleen could not sacrifice her things for him. He was sarcastically making comments on her clothes and accessories she wore and also her hairstyle. However, Jasleen didn’t react to this, and took it with a pinch of salt.

The house-mates seem to be finally getting into the competitive spirit. Cold shoulders, arguments, cat-calling, it’s all the beginning of what an epic season entails.

With such heated arguments taking prominence in the house, what will be the contestants’ fate?

Synopsis Day 17: Apart from a volcanic eruption, tempers and arguments create animosity within housemates

MUMBAI: Luxury never comes easy, one needs to work hard for it! Similarly, Bigg Boss has no intentions of giving the housemates an easy way out, especially when it comes to the budget that can help meet their requirements. With the culmination of a challenging nomination task, it was time for the house mates to gear up and prepare to win the luxury budget task. Implying to the luxury budget- ‘Jwalamukhi’, Bigg Boss woke the contestants with a fiery track ‘Jigar Ma BadiAag Hai’ giving them a hint of the storm that was going to hit them.This particular task will also affect the captaincy for the week.

A huge volcano was set up in the garden area, one that would spit out colorful balls. Singles and one member from each jodiwere allowed to participate in the task. Dipika, Nehha, Srishty, Karanvir, Sreesanth took part against Romil, Jasleen, Saba, Deepak and Sorabh. Surbhi and Somi were the sanchalaksof this task. Each member was given a glass box and they had to fill it with the colored balls they collected. After every gong that rang, the contestant with the least balls was eliminated. The last three survivors were given a chance to battle for the Fizz Captain of the week.

The singles and the jodis brought out their vigorous sides and battled it out like their lives depended on it. The moment the volcano burst and balls spread out, everyone surpassed limits of innocence and gave way to rivalry. From jumping into the pool to climbing on the roof, they head on to collect the maximum number of balls. The tough task was to ensure that their opposition didn’t steal from their collection. As the competition aggravated tempers, Karanvir – Romil, Srishty – Deepak and Saba-Nehha got into a brawl for trying to snatch each other’s collection.

As the jodis and singles take on each other with agitation, will they be able to save themselves and seal their position for the captaincy task? Who will be this week’s Fizz Captain?

What! Soumya to get engaged to Sameer in Colors’ Shakti

Colors’ show Shakti is becoming more interesting with each passing episode.

As we know, Shanno and Saya speculate that Soumya is dead. However, Saya enforces that she cannot die because Harman is alive. During a discussion amidst the family, Saya blames Harak Singh. She says that he has probably done something to Soumya, but Harak defends himself saying that he still has humanity in him. Harman, meanwhile, puts his foot down and states that he does not care about anything and wants his gulabo back.

As the episodes progress, it will be seen that Soumya is very much alive. Much to Harman’s shock, she is getting engaged to Sameer. It would be interesting to see how Harman reacts to this situation now and wins Soumya back.

Keep reading this space for more updates.

Karanvir Bohra tops Bigg Boss 12 voting trends

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss Season 12 is on a roll. After an entertaining first week, the second week too was full of action-packed drama and entertainment. This week, two singles and two jodis were nominated for evictions by the housemates. This included Karanvir Bohra, Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary, Nirmal Singh, Kriti Verma, and Roshmi Banik.

We also saw one of the most controversial tasks this week. Titled Samudri Lootere, in this task, the jodis were up against the singles. There were many fights between the jodis and the singles, and Dipika was termed as the villain of the house. Neha and Karanvir were voted as the best performers of the task.

Karanvir being one of the best performers might be one of the reasons he has received the highest votes this week, as we saw Kriti, Roshmi, and Nirmal were voted out but Karanvir was saved.

Dipika received the second-highest number of votes.

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Karanvir is the hot favorite this season due to his popularity among the audience. He has starred in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Qubool Hai, Naagin 2, and Saubhagyavati Bhava. Another reason could be that he is a family man and the audience views him as a doting father. Viewers also see him as a leader in the house. He stays calm during fights and is a loyal friend.

Jay Bhanushali to perform with Sanaya Irani for Star Plus’ Dandiya Nights!

MUMBAI: Lights, camera, action! Standing in long queues, enduring the heat of the sun, and giving numerous auditions: this is how the journey of our favorite actors began in the competitive glamour industry.

The charming Jay Bhanushali has worked hard to reach where he is today. The actor is not only a name in the television world but has been a part of films.

Jay made his acting debut with Dhoom Machao Dhoom, where he played the role of Varun Bhaskar. He is also popular for his role as the protagonist in Ekta Kapoor’s Kayamath.

Jay has also been a part of a few reality shows and known for his anchoring skills and comic timing.

The actor recently posted a picture with the stunning Sanaya Irani, sharing that the beauty was his first co-star.

Jay is thrilled to be performing with Sanaya Irani for Star Plus’ Dandiya Nights.

Was Shaheer Sheikh the first choice to play Anurag in Kasautii; the actor reacts

MUMBAI: TV heartthrob Shaheer Sheikh was supposedly the first choice to play the character of Anurag in Balaji Telefilms’ Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2.

The news was proved false after Shaheer signed Writers Galaxy Studios’ Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali to play the Mughal prince Salim.

At the launch of Dastaan-E-Mohabbat, the media asked Shaheer if he was actually approached to play Anurag.

The actor responded saying, ‘Well, let’s not talk about Kasautii and speak about this show. Dastaan-E-Mohabbat is very close to my heart, and playing Salim’s character was a dream come true for me. But yes, Kasautii is a good show and I have really liked the promos. I will watch the show, as it has my good friend Erica (Fernandes) in it.’

It seems like Shaheer is no mood to talk about Kasautii. Here’s wishing Shaheer all the very best!

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat will air on Colors from 1 October.