Rajat Tokas approached for Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham remake

MUMBAI: There has been a lot of buzz about Ekta Kapoor coming up with a plethora of shows and the media has been active in getting first hand information about all her upcoming projects. While there are several renowned actors touted to collaborate with her much hyped projects, the next actor to join the list is the very popular Rajat Tokas who has been approached for Ekta Kapoor’s new show for Sony TV.

Wondering which project are we talking about?

Well, take a deep breath as it is none other than the remake of the famous film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham!

Yes, businessvoip has learnt that the makers at Balaji Telefilms are in talks with the barrel-chested brawny Rajat to play the main lead’s role. Though, things are in the pipeline and the final call is yet to be taken.

There were also reports about Roadies fame Varun Sood being in the talks for a similar role.

When we reached out to Rajat, he shared, “No, I am not aware about it.”

businessvoip has already reported about Bijay Anand, Geetanjali Tikekar, Ritu Vij and Abhinav Kapoor being a part of the serial.

Rajat has already hit a hattrick with Ekta by doing Jodha Akbar, Chandra Nandni and Naagin 3. And if plans materialize then this will be his fourth project with Balaji Telefilms.

Roshni sabotages Alia and Adi’s date in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ extremely popular daily Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been entertaining the audience with its interesting plots and twists.

To make the drama all the more interesting, the makers have lined up another major twist for the upcoming episodes. The viewers would be already aware that Raman (Karan Patel) is embroiled in a controversy of human trafficking. Now, in the episodes to come, the viewers will see a mixture of a few light moments and drama.

It will happen so that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will become more conscious regarding her father-in-law. Since the time doctors have informed them about his health condition, Ishita is making sure that he eats right. Ishita will make sure that he doesn’t eat fried food and to encourage him she will also entrap her mother-in-law to do the same.

Furthermore, Adi and Alia’s fight will finally take a pause but only for a brief period. Adi will surprise his wife with a bouquet and ask her out for a date. She will accept it.

However, on the date, a major shocker will occur. Roshni will turn up at the date before Alia. Looking at her, Adi will be shell shocked. The fact that if Alai sees her on a date with him, it will be a major trouble for the couple therefore, he will ask her to walk out of the place before Alia arrives.

Interestingly, Adi is still confused between Roshni and Alia. Isn’t it like father like son? Seems, Adi is the new character on TV to suffer from two-wife syndrome.

Stay tuned to businessvoip for more updates and spoilers.

Is Prachi Tehlan exiting Star Plus’ Ikyawann?

MUMBAI:Star Plus’ popular show ‘Ikyawann’ went on air with a bang, appealing a large section of the audience with its unconventional plot. But after running for a period of six months, Prachi Tehlan starrer is counting its last breath. What worsened the shock for Prachi’s fan is the news that the lead actress has left the show and is going on a long break.

A recently posted selfie by Prachi − captioned as ‘Last selfie on the sets before I leave for a long gap’− stirred the audience. When asked about the same, Prachi revealed, “In the upcoming episodes, you will see me doing mud fight with a professional wrestler. It is actually a very important sequence that would contribute to the progression of the story. Post the sequence, the story will take an expected turn which demands my exit from the show.”

“You have to wait and watch to know what comes next”, Prachi chuckled.

In the show, Prachi is playing the character of Susheel, who challenges the norms of society and fights to redefine the image of a girl.

On being asked about the reason behind taking a long break from the show, Prachi refrained from giving any clear answers. But the actress had earlier revealed about learning Malayalam and Mohiniattam. Also, in a recent Instagram post, she announced the news of moving to Cochin from Mumbai. Well, that give some hint about what exactly is cooking.

This Bigg Boss contestant is a gay in disguise

MUMBAI: We must say that some of our telly celebs are indeed skilled secret keeper; they skillfully keep their affairs under wraps. But when we have our eyes and ears everywhere, how long can you hide it? So, here we are to spill the beans once again!

Can you guess what we are hinting at?

Well, we are talking about one handsome lad who had been in news for dating his co-actor, and boy he did make some news.

Who knew that the charmer swings both the ways!!! We wonder if he swings the other way and him dating his co-actor was just a cover up!

Being a part of a popular reality show and with the controversy going around, he did get his share of media attention. Nothing stays hidden in the eyes of media, be it double dating, homosexual relationships, infidelity or another hook up or break-up story. While speaking about all this quite a good bunch of names pop up in our mind that have left us stunned and speechless.

The EXCLUSIVE piece of gossip shared by our hawk-eyed little birdie has left us tongue-tied. Read on to know-

There are some hush-hush talks about this actor who debuted in television with a popular GEC channel. Later, he was seen playing the lead role in another GEC channel.

A reliable source shared, “The actor along with a man was seen entering one Holi party hand in hand and after 10 minutes the couple vanished from the party.”

Oooo…Now that’s something fishy! Isn’t it?

Later when people were enjoying themselves in the party, the couple was again spotted in a secluded corner having their own snugly time. The partner of the popular actor is a no big name but a foreigner. The actor and his partner were seemed to be having an exceptional time while enjoying amidst the festival of colors.

Shocking, isn’t it?

This piece of information has left businessvoip jaws hanging.

Considering the fact that the actor had previously dated quite known female names from the industry, this news comes as a shock.

Keeping the sensitivity of the actor’s personal life, businessvoip has decided to not reveal his name.

All we can share is that the particular actor has been part of some path breaking TV shows as a lead and also participated in a reality show.

Although the actor’s name has always been connected with his female co-stars but now after this shocking news, we wonder if he is dating his female co-actors to cover up his gay status.

It’s chilling time: This summer, celeb moms cool their heels with their children!

Not one, but there have been many a times in the recent age that star kids stole their parents’ thunder! Taimur, Misha, AbRam, Suhana, Jhanvi…these celebrity kids already hold individual identities under public eye. With the temperatures soaring higher, kids are excited about their summer camp and vacation. Here we have some popular mommies in the likes of Shilpa Shetty, Manasi Parekh and Shweta Tiwari who spent quality time with their children.

Manasi Parekh with her daughter Nirvi

Shilpa Shetty with her son Viaan

Doesn’t their bond melt your heart?

Sonali Bendre back as a judge on Zee TV’s India’s Best Dramebaaz season 3

MUMBAI: After entertaining the audience with some awe-inspiring acts and performances by India’s finest acting prodigies, Zee TV’s marquee talent reality show India’s Best Dramebaaz is back with season 3. The show, in its previous seasons, has groomed many budding child actors like Nihar Gite, Kartikey Raj, Tamanna Dipak, Kartikey Malviya, Swasti Nitya, Praneet Sharma and many others who have carved a niche for themselves and become names to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Returning with its third edition, India’s Best Dramebaaz aims to provide unadulterated entertainment while nurturing the abilities of many acting enthusiasts to become future superstars.

Making a comeback as a judge on the show is actor Sonali Bendre who will be seen grooming the young contestants and teaching them various aspects and nuances of acting. Excited about returning to the show, Sonali Bendre said, “I have been associated with India’s best Dramebaaz since its inception and it feels like a homecoming each time a new season is announced. I have always loved the show as it brings out the best talent hidden in the kids of our country. The platform serves as a catalyst in molding their future as it gives them the confidence to face the world.”

She further added, “I have always been fond of kids even before I embraced motherhood. The young brigade of kids are extremely talented and it has been an enriching experience to watch their talent come alive on the stage of India’s Best Dramebaaz. They have a different kind of energy and their honesty and dedication towards their craft is what inspires me.”

The auditions for the third season of the show are currently underway and will be held in various cities across the county.

Farah is my inspiration, says Raveena Tandon at the sets of Entertainment ki [email protected]

MUMBAI: COLORS’ Entertainment ki Raat @ 9 Limited edition already has a stellar line up to entertain you over the weekends. After Sanjay Dutt in the first episode, Raveena Tandon and Farah Khan will show off their camaraderie in the 2nd episode airing on Sunday.

Raveena in a candid conversation with the cast said, “Farah and my kids study in the same school. Whenever there are PTA parties, Farah is busy taking dance master class with all the fathers in the room. Raveena further added saying,” Farah was my idol when I was a 16-year-old. She was a dancing star and I was in awe of her. She used to win all the inter-college dancing competitions, she and her partner Hemu were the perfect dancing couple”. Farah also said, “We are all very proud of Raveena, she adopted two daughters when she was only 21 and a single lady. She also got one of her daughters married and now she is also the hottest Nani”.

This episode is guaranteed to make your weekends brighter with laughter.

Jay Soni’s wish comes true; blessed with a baby girl!

MUMBAI: Popular TV actor Jay Soni is finally blessed with a baby girl. The Sasural Genda Phool fame actor turned father to a small baby girl. According to our exclusive information apparently, the baby girl was born on 18 April, Wednesday.

In an earlier interview with businessvoip, the to-be father wished for a baby girl. He stated, “I wanted a boy initially, however, now I want a baby girl. They are so cute! My neighbour has a baby girl and I just fell in love with the idea of a baby girl.”

In the same interview he was pepped up for new innings of his life. He shared, “I love kids. They are like a stress buster to me. I can literally spend the whole day with a kid. So it feels great to know that we’ll soon have a kid of our own. I can’t express, it’s just that we are waiting for that moment to hold the baby in our hands.”

When we contacted Jay, he confirmed the news but asked us to call later since he was in the hospital.

Indeed this is a great news for Jay. businessvoip wishes Jay for a rocking life ahead with new responsibilities and a startling endeavour.

The controversial ‘A Date To Remember’ gets its on air date

MUMBAI: MTV’s upcoming dating show A Date To Remember has finally got its on-air date.

The dating show has been part of numerous controversies. For starters, there were rumours that Manu Punjabi and Nitibha Kaul were replaced by TV couple Yuvika Chaudhary and Prince Narula. However, the latter were replaced by Divya Aggarwal. Prince – Yuvika also alleged that the makers were unprofessional. With the same hullabaloo, there were also rumours of the makers charging money from aspiring contestants to participate in the TV series.

According to our exclusive information, finally the dating show which features Indeep Bakshi, Manu Punjabi, Nitibha Kaul and Divya Aggarwal will see the light of the day. The series is scheduled to go on air from 26 April.

Since the youth based channel already airs Roadies, Troll Police and such, this show will come weekly every Thursday. The time-slot decided for the show is 7.30 pm.

With this TV series, MTV will strengthen their bandwidth of reality shows.

Indeep, Manu and Nitibha also featured in a music single sung by the former. Apparently, the promos will soon go on air.

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With so much of controversies already surrounding the series before the telecast, it would be interesting to see what more controversies will happen post the show goes on air.

Are you excited for this show?

I need some ‘me time’ to recuperate, says Kapil Sharma as show goes off air

Mumbai: He was the reason behind spreading smiles galore with his comedy shows. But of late, controversies surrounding his temperament, love life and uncertainty around his show have engulfed the life of ‘comedy king’ Kapil Sharma.

He says his work will always be his motivation and he will bounce back soon after he takes some “me time” to recuperate.

“I think I need some me time and need to recuperate. I’ve been working too hard for too long. There is a lot in the pipeline and lot of new exciting projects which I will talk about soon,” Kapil told IANS in an e-mail interview when asked about the reason behind his absence from the small screen so abruptly.

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“The reality right now is that I have worked very hard and I love what I do. I just need some time off and I promise you that I will be entertaining you again, as that is what I thrive on,” he added.

Kapil made headlines recently drawing bad press when an audio call in which he is heard hurling abuses at a journalist, was made public. Many of his fans were shocked to see this side of their favourite entertainer. The comedian did not deny the recording saying it was his way of showing anger.

Last year, Kapil had a mid-air fight with his colleague, comedian Sunil Grover. The fight led to a widely talked about controversy, after which they parted ways professionally from Comedy Nights With Kapil which had brought both of them unprecedented fame.

Kapil also featured in films, but then returned to television with his new show Family Time With Kapil Sharma, which didn’t get the expected response. The show went off on a break after only two episodes, soon after the controversy with the journalist broke.

While his former girlfriend Preeti Simoes commented on his “deteriorated mental health”, his former colleague Ali Asgar said after a recent meeting with him that Kapil was in tears, could not speak and had Simoes’ name written on his hand.

Kapil, who is now dating Ginni, said he was very happy together with her (Ginni).

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“What is most damaging and hurtful is when comments are made by those people that you consider your friends and your well-wishers. Over the years, I have always been about my work and that is what continues to drive me. Irrespective of what is said, my work will continue to be my biggest motivation,” Kapil told IANS.

He says that in stressful times, he tries to take short breaks to spend some quality time with his loved ones.

“It is hurtful to read things which are not true. I am learning to focus only on my work and not pay heed to any negativity. My work is my worship and that’s what means the most to me,” said the comedian.

There has been much talk about whether Kapil will ever reunite with his former colleagues of Comedy Nights With Kapil.

“I am very happy for them, and in the same way, I would just want them to be happy for me too. There is ample space for them to grow in the industry and I wish them the very best,” he concluded.