This is how Nusrat Jahan plays with words and photos

Choosing or penning down the right caption to complement your photo is an art and not everyone is pro on this but actress Nusrat Jahan surely knows the trick.
The Shotru and Bolo Dugga Maiki fame actress shares cool, stylish, delightful and fun photos with interesting captions on Twitter. Here we have compiled five latest Twitter pics of the actress exclusively for you.

OH NO! Hiten and Hina called worst performers, JAILED!

There has always been some or the other fiasco happening in the Bigg Boss mansion. Now, after yesterday’s task things have escalated to a different level altogether. Everyone has started pin pointing everyone.
The housemates lost this week’s luxury budget task, ‘BB11 Mission.’ Also, the winning prize money of Rs 50 Lacs has been reduced to zero. Now, after this incident, we as the ardent viewers of the show will Tonight you will see Bigg Boss asking housemates to choose two worst performers of the task. The housemates were asked to name two people who according to them are responsible for losing the task.
The big accusations and blame game starts. Some name Hina khan while some name Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma. The contestants get into a heated argument with each other over mutually deciding two names who should be locked in the jail this week.
While discussing the two names, Hina Khan and Mehjabi Siddiqui got into a heated argument. Hina got irritated after Mehjabi started putting her opinions. This created fight in the house. Mehjabi started talking about Hina Khan’s “high class”.
Earlier, Hina got into a heated argument with Vikas Gupta as well after she named Puneesh Sharma as the worst performer.
Meanwhile, we exclusively reveal, Hiten Tejwani and Hina Khan are the two contestants, who have been locked up in the jail as the worst performers.

Revealed: Saloni’s mother sold her for 3 Crore in Dil Sambhal Ja Zara

Star Plus’s recently launched Dil Sambhal Ja Zara is one show that has touched some bold concepts with a sense of maturity. The love-story helmed by the Vikram Bhatt camp will soon see a major revelation.
In the upcoming episodes a major secret will be unveiled in the Sanjay Kapoor starrer show.
A little birdie close to the channel revealed to us that in the coming track, it will be exposed to the viewers that Saloni (Cheshtha Bhagat) was sold by her mother. Ahana(Smriti Kalra) and Saloni’s mother played by Nikki Walia is a selfish women.
In order to fulfill her selfish desires, she sold her daughter to her in-laws for a whopping amount of Rs. 3 Crore.
However, this secret will only be revealed to the in-laws and the viewers. Saloni will be completely unaware about it.
After the big revelation and drama, Saloni’s father in-law will throw Saloni and her husband played by Puneesh Sharma out of the house.
There’s too much happening in the daily. The series has just started and there are too many secrets and dramas to be unveiled.

Negative and positive roles can’t be compared: Karam Rajpal

The good looking and talented actor Karam Rajpal, who is currently creating havoc as Vidyut in the lives of Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) in Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada’s popular daily Naamkarann, is enjoying his stint with the show.
The actor, who has portrayed positive roles in his previous shows, is getting appreciated for the negative role that he is playing in Naamkarann.
In a candid conversation with, Karam spoke about his experience of playing an antagonist.
He shared with us, “The experience of playing a negative role has been very nice so far. It’s like having a dessert after a good dinner. I am loving all the appreciation messages that I have received from the fans. I haven’t got any hate mail at all.”
Having portrayed positive as well as negative characters, we wonder what interests Karam the more as an actor. He commented, “Both positive and negative characters have their own charm. So we cannot compare the two with each other. However, you get to enact a lot while playing a negative role than a positive one. If a positive character has 10 shades then a negative would have 100 shades. So performing a negative character is like one of the amazing things for me. Positive characters are restricted. You can’t go out of a limited graph.”
We also asked Karam about the role which is in his wish list as an actor. He said, “I would love to play a character similar to Joker from The Dark Knight.”
Keep up the good work, Karam!

It is not Tejasswi’s fault, why should she be punished? – Sumeet Mittal

Shashi Sumeet Productions’ Tejasswi Prakash starrer, Pehredaar Piya Ki on Sony TV received a lot of backlash ever since it first aired on television. The show’s plot dealt with a romantic tale of a 9-year-old boy with an 18-year old girl.
The show had a very abrupt end, it suddenly stopped telecasting. However, the production house was determined and could not let their creativity go to the dumps. Shashi Sumeet Productions soon announced the launch of another show which was initially received by the audience as a ‘season 2’ Pehredaar Piya Ki.
The show with the same premise is titled Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya. It will premier today and producer, Sumeet Mittal promises us that it will be nothing like what we saw in Pehredaar Piya Ki.
In a rendezvous with Sumeet Mittal, he sheds some light on the things which went wrong and his expectations from Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya.
Sumeet, please share your excitement with us on the launch of Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya…
Well, the excitement is a lot more than one should have because it is like re-appearing for an exam! I think, we have made a good show and characters have come out well. We are waiting to see the audience’s response.
The base plot of Pehredaar Piya Ki and Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya is the same, then why is there a shift in the title?
There is no comparison in between these two shows. The show is now about the vacchan (the promise) and we are focussing on how our female protagonist has sacrificed her dreams for that one promise for nothing to gain.
With the character names and the plot retained, people termed it to be a season two of Pehredaar Piya Ki. That goes against the idea of you presenting something new.
It’s good if they think, it is still promoting the show, why not?
So you do not want the brand connect of Pehredaar Piya Ki with Rishta Hum Likhenge Naya?
We have cut it off; we have changed the title and image of the show too. I do not want the audience to react on gossip or rumours. In fact, if the viewers like the show and if we feel that the introduction of a new character will draw more eyeballs, we will do that too. In the end we are story tellers and we should enjoy the process and we are taking Diya forward so we are excited to know how the audience responds.
You claim that the show is different and so is the storyline. But the lead face, Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar has been retained as Diya …
The day the show went off-air, I promised the audience that I will comeback with the same cast. It is not their fault, why should they be punished? It was unfortunate that the show did not do well. They were professional and were delivering their best.
Talking about the character, you will never see anyone who is selfless. Today’s world is all about selfishness. So Diya is a unique character which we are presenting.
Well said Sumeet Sir!

It wasn’t fake, at least not from my end: Divya on her relation with Priyank

Divya Agarwal’s romance with her co-contestant Priyank Sharma has been flooding the media with some or the other updates. Whether it is the rumours about their breakup or allegations about their relationship being a sham, Divyank has been in the news for quite a sometime.
The journey of the couple started in a TV reality show Splitsvilla and now when Priyank is in Bigg Boss, the couple is again in the news.
The duo was madly in love with each other but now when Sharma is in the glass walled house, cracks are developing between the love birds. In an exclusive conversation with , Divya exposed everything about her relationship status, Priyank Sharma and many more.
It wasn’t fake at least not from my end
There has been a strong buzz about Priyank and Divya’s relationship being fake and allegations that their relationship was nothing but fake. Clearing the air Divya said, “It wasn’t fake, at least not from my end. If you see Priyank in his final interviews before entering the house he did mention, we were dating. So before he entered the show it was all real. Now I don’t know what the scene is.”
Priyank is a changed person now
“I really can’t judge him right now. He is completely changed. He is changed in terms of relationship, promises, his personal equation with Vikas and everything else. He was never a violent person, he never liked back bitching. Once I spoke about Hritu in Splitsvilla and he shouted on me for that. Because, the promises that Priyank made in personal were different. I don’t know if this is Priyank’s strategy, because if it is, I really think it is a waste one. It is null and won’t work.”
Now I think what Akash said seems legit.
In the whole show, Priyank hasn’t spoken about his current girlfriend Divya for once. However, in one of an episode on Voot, the Delhi lad mentioned about his ex girlfriend who hails from US.
Divya shared, “Honestly, now I think what Akash said seems legit (Akash in an interview with TellyChakkar quoted “Divya had real feelings for him, but Priyank I doubt”). He did tell me about her once that they are still friends but I didn’t expect him to talk about her on the show.
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting him to be talking about me the whole time. Nevertheless, even if he could have mentioned both of our names or maybe his current girlfriends’ name then it would have made sense.”
For me it was always Priyank
Priyank’s proximity with his fellow contestant Benfasha and Hina hasn’t gone down well the Mumbai girl. She further added, “For me it was always Priyank, but for him you can see in the show.
His actions with Benfasha and Hina can make anyone confused. Even I have male friends but there’s a way you behave with them. Frankly there’s no difference if he is dating anyone or single.”
Priyank was selfish
Divya got eliminated from her reality show Splitsvilla. Reminiscing the show Divya continued, “In Splitsvilla if you see Priyank had an option to leave for me but then he didn’t! He was being selfish in the show. I should have realized it then itself.”
I feel like a fool supporting him
“I feel like a fool supporting him each and every time. I even supported him when there were big allegations over Priyank and Vikas’s relationship. I was always trying to clear his stand.
But now after seeing it all, I feel stupid for supporting him for no reason. Even before he was entering the house I was there with him for packing his bags the whole time. In fact I have one of his bags that I have to deliver him.”
We ran out of the villa and met in the bushes and cried
Trying to shut the rumors about her fake relationship with Priyank, Divya shared an emotional backstory that no one knew.
With a lump in her throat she reminisced, “No one knows that when I was eliminated from the villa, at 2’0 clock in the midnight, we ran out of the villa, met in the bushes and cried.
We literally hugged each other and cried. When we were in the villa, we used to stay on the opposite sides of a river. Every night we used to wave each other with a torch.
How can this be fake? It was so real in Splitsvilla but I see a different person now in Bigg Boss. He is detached!”
On a parting note, Divya maintained that she would have a lot to clear once Priyank came out of the house.

Arjun-Preeti to demand partition of the Rathod household in Aisi Deewangi

Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi … Dekhi Nahin Kahi produced by Dee Jaa Films and Pixx Entertainment is gearing up with an interesting track in the upcoming episodes.
Viewers will soon witness Dharam Singh Rathod’s (Rasik Dave) sudden demise. And everybody will consider Prem (Pranav Misshra) to be the DSR’s murderer.
However, Prem’s better half Tejaswini (Jyoti Sharma) will support the former and decide to reveal the real culprit.
Also, before dying, DSR will bequeath all his property to Tejaswini. And clearly, this will not go down well with the Rathod family which will lead to major fights amongst the family members.
That’s when Arjun (Archi Pratik) and Preeti (Simran Sharma), who will be upset with the entire decision of late DSR, will demand for a partition in the house.
How will Tejaswini deal with this situation? Will she manage to save Prem?

Only talent took me ahead: Saumya Tandon

Actress Saumya Tandon says being connected to the industry or hailing from a family associated with showbiz doesn’t help one get on the ladder of success in the entertainment industry.
She says only talent can take a person ahead in the field.
“Different people have different stories, and I can only speak for myself. As far as I am concerned, when I came in this industry, I had no family background and not a single person from my family was related to the entertainment industry. In fact, when I came to Mumbai, though I came with work at hand, but I didn’t know a single soul in the city,” Saumya said in a statement.
Saumya, who plays Anita bhabhi in &TV’s “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai”, added: “The only thing that took me ahead in my life is my talent. Having said that, I would say that if I was connected to the industry or had a surname, would I do better? Maybe, who knows.
“But what I feel is that the talent is only thing that is in your control which is what you can work on and develop. So, I would tell anybody who is aspiring to be in the industry to just focus on the talent because everything else like your surname, your connections or maybe some extent your look is something which is not in your control.
“So for me, talent comes first and the other factors might just be helping.”
To this, actress Farnaz Shetty, who is seen in TV show “Waaris”, added: “Initially, when I entered the industry, I was under the impression that what matters most is how one looks and the talent they have. However, I’ve come to realise that it’s hard work and perseverance that matters.
“Coming to the name bit of it, connections are an added benefit. The entertainment industry has plenty of successful people who don’t have a godfather or a name backing them up.”
“Agnifera” star Yukti Kapoor feels “family or sources will really help only if you have the talent”.
“Everything just depends on how talented you are and connections in the industry can help you give your talent a little push,” Yukti pointed out.
The channel has also launched a show “Siddhivinayak”, which narrates story of an upcoming actor and a background dancer.

Yeh Un Dino Ki’s lead Randeep Raii down with viral

Yeh Un Dino Ki’s charming lead Randeep Raii is impressing all the girls with his character show. Seems someone’s evil eye has struck the good looking lad.
Randeep is down with viral fever these days. Raii who plays Samir in the 90s’ based daily, is not able to shoot.
exclusively learnt that Raii has viral fever and is under the weather. Ulcers have also developed in his throat. His ulcer turned severe post a few days. Raii is unable to speak fluently due to the ulcers. Consequently, the actor has not been able to report to the set since the last two days.
We buzzed the actor to know about his health. Raii who usually sounds ecstatic seemed dull over the call.
He shared, “I’m not keeping well! I have viral fever and ulcers in my throat.” We asked him about his shoot and he further added, “I was not able to report to the set since two days, since I can’t actually say my dialogues. I’m literally resting the whole day. Now I’m feeling a little better because of the medication, so I will go for shooting from tomorrow.”
Well that sounds quite like a dedication. wishes that the lad gets well soon and gets back in health.

Rohit Suchanti meets Sanjay Dutt in Jaipur while Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya shoot

Shashi Sumeet Productions new show Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya has once again garnered audience’s attention with the recent promos of the show. The grand television show has been set in the rich background of Jaipur. Recently the entire team of the show was shooting in Jaipur for a few days and Rohit Suchanti who essays the role of Ratan Maan Singh in the show had a fortuitous meeting with the movie star – Sanjay Dutt at a hotel.
When contacted Rohit said, “We were shooting in Jaipur few days ago and it was truly a memorable visit as I got to meet Sanjay Dutt sir. Incidentally he was also in the pink city for the shoot of his upcoming movie. I was headed to the gym and that’s where I met Sanjay Sir who was also engrossed in his workout regime. It was a pleasant surprise to bump into one of the stalwarts from our entertainment industry.”

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya is a never told before story of a unique relationship based not on birth, blood, marriage, love or any other interests like wealth and power but on a simple promise made to a benevolent dying man. Set in the sweeping royal canvas of Rajasthan, it’s an exceptional story which will challenge the conventional perception and show a woman don the role of a protector for the well-being of a man.