‘Porus’ will show the grandeur of ancient India: Siddharth Kumar Tewary

Sony TV’s upcoming magnum opus Porus is one show that we all are waiting for! It promises the grandeur of a period drama, gruelling performances and the display of some real good urdu linguistics.
Pouus would also be the concatenation of the Swastik Productions legacy in creating super successful mythological shows. Porus is based on the King Porus of the Paurava kingdom and his battle with Alexander the Great.
The cast boasts of the TV industry’s most talented actors namely Laksh Lalwani who is playing King Porus, IIra Dubey who plays Queen Olympias, Rohit Purohit playing Alexander, Rati Pandey, Ishita Ganguly,Aditya Redij, Suhani Dhanki and many more.
During a heart of hearts repartee with producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary, he spoke at length about the humble beginnings of the series to the mega-budget historical that it is today.
How was the shooting experience in Thailand?
ST: It was great and it was very challenging. We shot in three different locations: Pattaya, Surat Thani and Khao Sok Lake. One sequence was shot in the ocean which was a great deal of hard work. It took us an hour and a half to just get to the location. We were travelling by boats everywhere. I’m glad my entire team of actors were much focused.
How did you manage to bring together a cast of so many talented actors?
ST: (laughs) you should ask them how they managed to get the roles! We took a lot of auditions until we gathered this specific team.
Why did you choose Thailand as one of the locations?
SK: I chose Thailand because its topography matched the imagery I had in my mind for the scenes. Besides Thailand, we’ll be shooting at locations all over India
How much research have you conducted for this show?
SK: I was writing Porus for almost a year. I never stop at one book. I’ve gone through a large array of historical books to collect all the information. I also have a researcher who helped me.
What will be the USP of Porus in comparison to Swastik’s previous historical shows?
SK: The show is not just about how King Porus fought Alexander. It is going to be more than that. Porus will showcase the grandeur of ancient India. India was known as the Golden Bird at that time. We’re trying to show it exactly like that. As the history is from around 320 B.C. everything you will see about India is going to be different. Alexander might be an antagonist according to you, but show will decipher all the angles related to him too.
From the conversation, we have inferred that Porus is sure to be huge on the small screen. It surely promises to be one of a kind with the immense research that went behind the production. We can;’t wait to watch it. We wish team PORUS a successful show and all the luck to set the cash registers ringing.

Jasmin Bhasin celebrates birthday in Goa!

We all are excited for our birthdays. Age does not really matter. We want to make it special and everyone has their own way of making it special. Some like to spend time with their loved ones while some like to party hard all through the night with friends and get wasted. To each his own.
And ‘Tashan-e-Ishq fame Jasmine Bhasin has her own way of doing it as well. It is the gorgeous actor’s birthday today and she’s celebrating it at her dream place Goa!!
Tellychakkar did a fun Birthday quickie with Jasmine on her birthday :
What is your ideal Birthday Celebration?
My ideal celebration is with my loved ones and my family.
One gift that you want to gift yourself?
There’s nothing that I can think of right now. I’m celebrating my birthday in Goa and this is perfect for me.
Favorite cake?
It has to be Red Velvet.
Fondest birthday memories as a child?
As a child birthdays used to be fun. My mom and dad used to shower me with gifts. There used to be a celebration at our home.
Best gift that you’ve received till date?
I think the best gift for me is the love of my loved ones. Nothing is greater than that.

Non-Muslim TV stars reveal their idea of celebrating Eid!

The holy month of Ramzan has come to an end, and it’s finally Eid. The magic of Eid brings lots of happiness and prosperity in our lives.
This auspicious festival is celebrated by millions of people around the globe. Not just Muslims but even Non-Muslims celebrate the auspicious festival with equal grandeur, and our TV celebs are no exceptions.
Read on to find out what your favourite TV actors have to say on Eid:
Abhishek Mallik: My mother is a ‘Sheikh’, so since childhood I’ve been celebrating Eid. We all gather and have lots of fun. As I’m a foodie, I just love all the Muslim dishes and we have super fun on Eid.
Kawar Dhillon: I don’t celebrate Eid, but yes I have a lot of Muslim friends and I get to eat all the delicious dishes they make. Biryani is my favourite. I want to wish all my Muslim friends and my fans Eid Mubarak.
Pooja Sharma: I have always seen festival of Eid as a festival of love and togetherness. That is the message and also the way to celebrate I think. I think one hardly hears of Eid being celebrated in isolation. I want to wish all my fans a happy and healthy Eid.
Nandish Sandhu: Eid is a festival of togetherness, and that’s what I do. I go meet my friends and attend Iftari parties with them. Like on Diwali, I don’t burst crackers and all, I go to meet my friends, spend time with them. Likewise, I see Eid as a day to meet and greet my friends and hog into their delicious dishes.
Rupali Ganguly: My Nani was a Muslim, so I used to receive Eidi as a child and Sheer Kurma used to be my favourite dish. Now that I have turned, vegan, I celebrate a Vegetarian Eid. My best friend is a muslim, so I celebrate Eid with her. I don’t go to Biryani parties or Iftaar parties now. Though the meaning of Eid has changed now for me, but the wishes and feelings are all same.
Jay Soni: Eid for me is having dinner with my Muslim friends. We have super fun eating various delicious dishes. My wife has designed a special outfit for me to wear for Eid.
Eid Mubarak to all of you!

Read to know about Alivia Sarkar’s musical love story

These days actress Alivia Sarkar is blushing a lot!
And why not?
After all love is in the air…
Well, the actress, who earlier acted in Jhanj Lobongo Phool and currently seen in Milon Tithi, is in a relationship and she shared this happy news on Facebook.
When Tellychakkar.com buzzed Alivia to know more about the lucky guy and her love story, she shared, “Actually, I don’t want to disclose his name right now. I have been through a lot in the past. He used to be my friend. He is aware of my ups and downs, my worst side…everything. However, in between we were not in touch and suddenly after three years he popped out and came back into my life. I was lost before and had a black and white life, he coloured my life beautifully… I wish to disclose the name soon.”
When asked if she has started believing in love again, she said, “At first I was very insecure but now I believe that I was stupid. He supports me like anything. Maybe the friendship is helping it. I spent four hopeless years, made myself so busy that loneliness didn’t hamper me. I was happily single and decided not to fall for anyone ever. I thought love is fake. But the unexpected magic happened. I started believing once again. Life never stops for anyone; it will go on with the destined person. However, wondering about future, sometimes, I do feel insecure but he never gives up…his support towards me is unexplainable.”
So, who said the three magical words (I love you) first? The blushing beauty replied with a smile, “Truly speaking, no one has yet. In that way, it’s very funny to behave like typical lovers when you guys are long term friends. He first dedicated me the song of Aslam “Hogayi hai mohabbat tumse”. And I too replied with a song “tu thodi der aur therr jaa” from half girlfriend. We are very musical.”

From selling Usal pav to becoming an actor, I’ve come a long way: Dharmesh Yelande

Dance Plus is one of the most awaited dance reality shows in India. The popular show is now awaiting its third season and we are ready with our dancing shoes.
Much similar to the last two seasons, this one will also witness the same mentors Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit Pathak and Remo D’souza as the super judge. But this season will be ‘Ek level up’.
To know why this season will be a notch higher than the last two, we spoke to one of the most loved mentors Dharemsh Yelande, and he was happy to share with us the details of the exciting new season.
The talented dancer, choreographer and actor shared, “Dance Plus always comes up with new surprises, and this time it will shock the viewers. This time people will showcase never seen before dance forms by international artists, and our contestants have to beat them.”
He further added, “The competition will be very tough this time but we all are ready for it. Also Raghav (host) will do some new kind of hosting which will be fun and entertaining for the audience.”
Speaking more about the challenges, he said, “New challenges will be there in each episode. Even we are not aware of the challenges that Remo sir have planned for us.”
When asked what happens to people who despite performing the shows don’t rise to fame, he said, “I feel bad about those talented people but there’s a different aspect to it too. Once you achieve something, don’t settle for it. You have to work harder to maintain the consistency. Competition is increasing day by day. Even I get nervous sometimes, that what will I do after this show. Hard work and passion is the only key to success.”
When quizzed what is more difficult, contesting or judging, he quipped, “Contesting is far easier than judging. Judging is a very big responsibility.”
Sharing about his upcoming projects, he said, “I’m shooting Nawabzaade and one more movie with Remo sir. Actually I never thought a small man like me who used to sell Usal pav will become an actor one day. It’s a very big thing for me. After ABCD I love acting now, but yes dance will always be my priority.”

Team Jarowar Jhumko to battle it out in Dadagiri

It is quiz time for team Jarowar Jhumko (Blues Production)!
Wondering why do we say so?
Well, a few actors of the Zee Bangla daily will be seen participating in the popular quiz show, Dadagiri, which is hosted by none other than the Sourav Ganguly.
The actors to be seen are Subhasish Mukherjee, Debjani Chattopadhyay, Subhankar Saha, Sweta Bhattacharya, Kanchana Moitra and Kushal Chakraborty.
With all the talented actors on stage, it is surely going to be an interesting episode!
When we contacted Sweta, who is playing the female lead in Jarowar Jhumko, she confirmed the development with us and said humorously, “I enjoyed a lot as I couldn’t answer anything.”
“There (on the show) I said that Dadagiri is the only place to prove yourself a fool. I participated to prove myself a fool and I successfully did that,” she added laughing out loud.
When asked to share her experience of working with Sourav who is fondly called as Dada by the Bengalis, she said, “I will fall short of words if I describe him. Dada is our pride.”
Well said, girl!
So, to know who turned out to be the winner stay tuned to the episode. It will air on 24th June at 9.30 pm on Zee Bangla.

Ghazal singer Anup Jalota to grace Aakash Aath’s Hridmajhaare

Here we bring a piece of good news for the audience of Aakash Aath’s Hridmajhaare!
Readers, the forthcoming episodes of the musical show will see none other than the nationally famous Ghazal singer, Anup Jalota.
The eminent singer will be seen in conversation with Pandit Tanmoy Bose, talking about various things of life and crooning some melodious songs.
So, gear up for the episodes to be aired on 22 and 23 June at 9.30 pm.
Keep reading Tellychakkar.com for more updates.

Equation between director & casting director is very important: Nitesh Mishra

Who said casting actors for a show is easy?
Well, when the right person does it, it turns out to be a great show!
spoke to the man who is responsible for casting of the famous crime show of television, Sony TV’s Crime Patrol and he is none other than Nitesh Mishra.
Nitesh started his journey by working as an assistant casting director and went on to work with Optimystix Production house for two and a half years. After this, he worked as a freelancer.
Talking about his journey and success, Nitesh told TellyChakkar.com, “I started by working as an assistant and today I’m doing the casting for CP (Crime Petrol). It feels very satisfactory I should say. I am proud of the success I have achieved so farand hoping for more in the future.”
About the difficulties of picking the perfect character, he said, “Crime Patrol is based on reality. We need our cast to look very realistic. There cannot be extra drama. That’s the only criteria for the show. The actor needs to look believable in the role given to him/her be it of a victim’s role or of criminal.”
On facing tantrums of the actors, he quickly responded by saying, “Only big stars might throw tantrums. Someone who really wants the role or wants to act doesn’t do anything except giving their best in the audition.”
So, what does Nitesh prefer more: in-house or freelancing? He replied, “I don’t mind both, but I love freelancing because you can do a lot of different shows at once. You can experiment with projects.”
When asked how he deals with rejections from the director, he said, “The casting director and the director of the show need to have a very good equation. If I know exactly what the director’s requirements are, and I provide the same, there would be no rejections.”
Does Nitesh feel his work receives the deserved appreciation and credits? “I have nothing to complain about. I am very much happy about my success and this is just the beginning I feel. There is more to come.’
Well, that’s the spirit! We wish Nitesh a very fruitful career as a casting director in the Indian television industry.

Naamkarann cast remembers Late Reema Lagoo on her 60th birth anniversary

The immensely popular and talented veteran actress of the Indian television and Bollywood, Reema Lagoo passed away on 18th May 2017. She was 59 and died of a cardiac arrest.
The rather untimely and sudden death of such a loved and adored actress shocked the entertainment industry.
Today (21 June) happens to be Reema Lagoo’s 60th birth anniversary. The cast of Star Plus’ Naamkarann have taken to social media to send out birthday wishes to the late actress on the occasion.
Sayantani Ghosh, Viraf Patel and Gulfam Khan posted sweet birthday wishes expressing how they miss her.

The cast surely misses her on set.
We wish the late Reema Lagoo a happy birthday too!

InternationalYogaDay: Rubina Dilaik reveals how Yoga changed her life!

“Yoga began with the first person wanting to be healthy and happy all the time.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda.
Interestingly, when you think about being fit, healthy and happy from within, the one form of exercise that comes to your mind will always be Yoga. This tranquil form of exercise originated in India in the 5th – 6th Century which today has worldwide prominence and is followed immensely by the West.
Today (June 21) being International Yoga Day, spoke to one of the most gorgeous actress in . Her radiance can’t be competed with, and the secret to her ever glowing beauty is most definitely her routine practice of Yoga.

It’s none other than the resplendent beauty Rubina Dilaik!
When asked about the beginning of her Yoga journey, Rubina said, “The culture of Yoga was very prominent from my childhood days. My parents used to practise Yoga and they used to make sure that we did at least half an hour of Yoga before we left for school. The roots of Yoga are from my family itself. It has really helped me sustain the enthusiasm to keep myself healthy, looking after my body, keeping a balance in my lifestyle. I thank my parents for it.”

What are the perks of doing Yoga and what are the challenges while doing it?
“Yoga in literal sense means ‘yog’. Yog is the union between body, mind and soul. I wasn’t consistent in Yoga throughout my life but I’ve been regular since the past three years. It has not only helped me maintain a healthy body but has also helped me revitalise my state of mind. It replenishes the being. If you are not at peace with yourself, you cannot achieve greater things in life. For you to excel at work; you need to have a particular state of mind and Yoga helps you achieve that. Yoga isn’t just fitness, it promotes mental peace, synchronicity, and is in totality of well-being. The very big challenge is to commit yourself to Yoga in consistency. What matters is being regular,” she elaborates.

What forms of Yoga does the actress follow?
“Daily soaps don’t really offer you luxury of time once it is on air, and Yoga is a combination of pranayama, asanas and stretching, I choose to do any depending on how much time I have. If I have 10-15 minutes, I choose to do pranayama. If I have a good half an hour, I’ll do pranayama and stretching. If I’m lucky to have an hour or two, then I do stretching and the asanas. Once you commit to your own well-being, you can make time for yourself. It takes me one hour to travel to my set, so I do pranayama in the car,” she says.

Does going to the gym fall into the beautiful actress’s regime too?
To this Rubina quickly responds by saying, “You really don’t need a gym to stay fit. All you need is commitment, a good mat, a pair of good running shoes and some good music. Sometimes, I just take a run around the premises of my shooting. Whenever there is time between scenes or a location change, I get into my running shoes and I jog around. One can have 100 excuses to not do it, or one can just get up and get started.”
Rubina gives some good advice to her fans and people who want to begin with the practice of Yoga:
Begin with simple practices like pranayama and other breathing techniques. You don’t need a gym or exclusive time for it.
Dedicate 15 minutes in a day which get divided into 5 minutes every four hours.
Concentrate on your breathing pattern. If you can do Anulom Vilom Pranayama or Kapalabharti will be very beneficial.
Go for a simple brisk walk, once you’re done; sit in silence and observe your breathing.
Rubina’s insights about Yoga are so inspirational that we bet you’ll start its practice right after reading this!
Once again, a happy International Yoga Day! Stay fit, stay happy!