Why did SwaSan fans bash Anuj Sachdeva?

The actor was at the receiving end of fan bashing on a micro-blogging site.

Never in his wildest dreams would have Anuj assumed that a simple joke that he cracked in a television interview would land him into so much of trouble. The actor was at the receiving end of bashing by Swara and Sanskaar’s (SwaSan) fans.

What exactly did Anuj do to infuriate the SwaSan fans?
In a recent interview to a television portal, Anuj jokingly said – “Aakhir 2 ladke Swara ke peechhe pagal kyun ho rahe hai, aisa kya hai? Sanskaar bhi pagal ho raha hai, Sahil bhi pagal ho raha hai. Koi nayi ladki laao yaar.”
This casual remark of his didn’t really go well with the Swasan fans and landed him in a mess. The loyal fans bashed Anuj and wrote nasty things about the actor.

When we contacted Anuj this is what he had to say, “I meant it as a joke. I usually create a story in my interviews and if you see my previous ones also, you will understand. Even Sanskaar does this, but then may be just because I play the bad guy on the show, they have taken my comment to the heart.”

When quizzed about how did Helly and Varun react to this controversy, Anuj told us,”They were actually laughing hard. We all sit together and have fun on the sets. We did have a good laugh over this one.”

Well, what can we say Anuj, guess this is the price you pay for trying to separate television’s two most loved lovebirds, albeit on-screen.

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